INN Upgrade Problem

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Mon Dec 17 16:09:51 UTC 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Nicole Britz wrote:

> Jeffrey M. Vinocur schickte folgendes in den Datenstrom:
> > No -- have you read the section of NEWS about upgrading from 2.2?
> Hmmm, nope. I guess, I should do this. :-/ (This happens, when you're
> installing INN from the FreeBSD Portscollection without any further
> reading)

I figured it was something like that (if you were building it yourself
you'd presumably have gone for 2.3.2).

> My spool has approx. 290 GB of data and I have no diskspace for
> a copy. ;-) Not even for a brief period. So, I have to rebuild
> the history etc.. Jesus Christ. How much time will this take? A week? ;-)

I dunno, something like that.  Certainly you should delete everything you
don't care about (binaries) -- it'll all fill up again anyway :-)

There's something wrong with makehistory.  It misses articles, and we
really don't know why.  It's very much not recommended at the moment :-/

Hmm.  I have a thought.  You could innxmit from the old server to the new
server bit by bit, deleting as you go.  (You'd have to stop accepting news
in the meantime.)  That is, send all of comp.*, then delete it from the
old server; send the next batch, etc.  Depending on how much free space
you have and what sort of bandwidth you can do internally, you might be
able to do this in a day or two?

> If I delete .../alt/binaries/. How long will makehistory need for
> 50-80GB?

Oh.  If you can slim down to that point, you ought to be able to
transfer the articles across in one swoop.  Kinda silly to pull them
off the NetApp, around the room, and back on, but it will definitely
get you an uncorrupted database, unlike makehistory.  For instructions
on this See question 3.9 at


> The other idea is installing 2.2.2 on the new machine, but I won't
> go back to nnrp.access.

You're going to have to move eventually...

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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