cnfsstat errors

Albert E. Whale aewhale at
Sat Dec 29 03:21:38 UTC 2001

Yes, Thank you I got that.  But the command never completes.

Well, let me say this, when the list stops running, it ends with the 
single line.


Is that standard?  So what is the oldest message in the spool?

Russ Allbery wrote:

>Albert E Whale <aewhale at> writes:
>>I am running inn-2.3.2 and I am using Cyclic Buffers for storage (TOO
>>MANY Problems with Tradspool), anyway I am checking the info on the
>>Spool, and I found that cnfsstat -a produces the following:
>>  (Missing <OWtW7.128457$8w3.25620131 at>)
>>  (Missing <Xns9183A12A8141Asbogleusyahoocom at>)
>>  (Missing <mutW7.51384$OY3.1794736 at>)
>>  (Missing <ixtW7.916$li.18828 at>)
>>  (Missing <TvtW7.55118$Rp6.13402028 at>)
>>  (Missing <%utW7.286645$er5.5523115 at>)
>>  (Missing <kutW7.286634$er5.5503369 at>)
>>  (Missing <rStW7.384$YR3.331408 at>)
>>  (Missing <a0do9j$1kc8$489 at>)
>>  (Missing <FutW7.286640$er5.5461340 at>) 
>>Can someone clue me into what is going on, or how to clean this up?
>Those aren't errors, and there isn't anything you have to clean up.  When
>given the -a option, cnfsstat tries to find the age of the oldest article
>in the cycbuff, but frequently older articles have expired or been
>cancelled, which will result in messages like those as the oldest articles
>aren't actually present.

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