INND stopped a brief time

fukuda shinichi fukuda at
Fri Feb 2 09:23:09 UTC 2001


i got a error Message from Mr INND.( INN-2.3.0 on solaris-8 )
He said 
	"innd: [ID 845646 news.error] SERVER cant fork /usr/local/news/bin
	 /nnrpd Not enough space  "

After a few second (about 30 - 40) , INND running normaly again.
This error happend just once last night. At that time nnrpd running about 100.
 Of course, system has a lot of Memories for INND about 1GB. 
It is a first time this error. And this system running no trouble about 2 months.

What should i do ? Install more memories ??
Please help me. 

opneunivers !!

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