Timer library

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 6 07:46:07 UTC 2001

Fabien Tassin <fta at sofaraway.org> writes:

> several points here.. not everybody is running Solaris. purify is
> commercial and run on a limited set of OSes. a built-in profiler has a
> lot of advantages like the ability to be always active with a reduced
> cost, to be started/stopped without having to stop the service and
> without having to recompile everything again and again.

> I don't say that a real profiler is not useful but our small timer has
> proven its interest.. well, I think so.

I completely agree.  While the resolution is course, once you've run a lot
of INN setups and seen a lot of INN setups, even the timer that we have
already tells you a lot about what's going on.  We've used it extensively
to decide where to optimize, and I've been able to debug problems on
news.software.nntp just based on timer statistics.

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