the new controlchan (+gpgverify)

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Wed Feb 7 16:44:31 UTC 2001

On Feb 07, Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:

I'd like to use -T, but since uses eval I can't.
Does anybody know a workaround?

 > * Left over from the original controlchan is the code to ignore control
 >   messages that also contain a Supersedes header (the s/// in the main
I removed it, I think they should not be a security problem anyway.

 > * We can dump some of the compatibility cruft that was in controlchan for
 >   supporting versions of INN <2.3, since this version will be distributed
 >   with newer versions of INN (unless you were planning on also
 >   distributing this separately).  Skipping filter_* and the like in the
 >   control directory can go, for example.
No, I want to remove all compatibility code. Do you see any other?

What about this?
    eval "sub Sys::Syslog::_PATH_LOG { '/dev/log' }" if $^O eq 'dec_osf';

 > * Ideally, I'd like a newgroup message with a valid description line that
 >   we would otherwise act upon to update the newsgroups file, even if we
 >   already carry that group with the same moderation status as the
 >   newgroup message.  This is more a TODO sort of item, though.
I think it's a good idea, I'll write it down.

 > * Looks like all of this code is written using literal tabs with vim
 >   magic to make the tabs look like four spaces.  I'd personally prefer
I'll do a search and replace on the final version.
(Does someone know the right VIM incantation to use 4-spaces indenting?)

 >> Why is docheckgroups in @LIBDIR@? What about moving it to $inn:newsbin/?
 >I don't remember what the rational for that change was, but I don't have
 >any objections to moving it to the bin directory.
OK, I'll change the code.

 >The places where it aborts look okay to me.  I guess the thing to remember
I'm not sure they are consistent. Should it abort when:
- sm fails/cannot be run?
- ctlinnd fails/cannot be run?
- docheckgroups fails/cannot be run?
- sending mail fails?
- a tempfile for sending mail cannot be created?
- a tempfile for running docheckgroups cannot be created?
- opening active for newgroup/rmgroup fails?
- opening/writing newsgroups for newgroup/rmgroup fails?
- shlock fails?

 >> Make pgpverify (and docheckgroups?) also work as a module of
 >> controlchan.
 >That definitely sounds good.
The long term plan is to make them double use, i.e. they can be run from
command line or loaded as controlchan modules.

 >I think I want to create a new control directory in the source tree for
 >controlchan, controlbatch, pgpverify, and the handler programs to clean up
 >the organization of the source tree some.  I'm willing to put this new
I don't agree. I think controlchan should reside in $pathbin with all
other commands and things started from newsfeeds, and should have his
own directory for the modules (i.e. $pathcontrol).
controlbatch should stay in $pathbin too.

 >code in the tree now or later, whichever is easier for you if you're still
 >working on it.  It'll get the most testing when it's in CURRENT.
I'm not sure, I think I'll polish a bit the controlchan version you
rewieved and then send it for commit. Then I'll work on removing
tempfiles and add new features.
I think you can include gpgverify as is.


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