the new controlchan (+gpgverify)

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Feb 8 05:39:05 UTC 2001

Marco d'Itri <md at Linux.IT> writes:

> No, I want to remove all compatibility code. Do you see any other?

> What about this?
>     eval "sub Sys::Syslog::_PATH_LOG { '/dev/log' }" if $^O eq 'dec_osf';

Better leave that for the time being; that's compatibility with older
versions of Perl, which we still want.

I didn't see anything else in a quick scan.

>> * Looks like all of this code is written using literal tabs with vim
>>   magic to make the tabs look like four spaces.

> I'll do a search and replace on the final version.


> (Does someone know the right VIM incantation to use 4-spaces indenting?)

What you've already got (ts=4), but also set expandtabs to true.

>> The places where it aborts look okay to me.  I guess the thing to
>> remember

> I'm not sure they are consistent. Should it abort when:
> - ctlinnd fails/cannot be run?
> - sending mail fails?
> - a tempfile for sending mail cannot be created?
> - a tempfile for running docheckgroups cannot be created?

These should be aborts, I think, because restarting controlchan could
conceivably help in really weird circumstances or the first could indicate
that innd is dead.

> - sm fails/cannot be run?
> - docheckgroups fails/cannot be run?
> - opening active for newgroup/rmgroup fails?
> - opening/writing newsgroups for newgroup/rmgroup fails?
> - shlock fails?

These could probably be downgraded to warnings, although we need to print
to stderr (so that stuff shows up in errlog) if syslog isn't working.  (I
think it may already do that.)

> The long term plan is to make them double use, i.e. they can be run from
> command line or loaded as controlchan modules.


>> I think I want to create a new control directory in the source tree for
>> controlchan, controlbatch, pgpverify, and the handler programs to clean
>> up the organization of the source tree some.  I'm willing to put this
>> new

> I don't agree. I think controlchan should reside in $pathbin with all
> other commands and things started from newsfeeds, and should have his
> own directory for the modules (i.e. $pathcontrol).  controlbatch should
> stay in $pathbin too.

No, I didn't mean to change the installed paths, just the location in the
source tree.  Currently, controlchan is in backends and all the handlers
are in samples; I don't think the user is likely to modify the handlers
very frequently, and I'd like to unify all the control message handling
into one directory in the source tree (perhaps control).  All of the
installed paths would stay the same.

> I'm not sure, I think I'll polish a bit the controlchan version you
> rewieved and then send it for commit. Then I'll work on removing
> tempfiles and add new features.

That sounds great.

> I think you can include gpgverify as is.

Okay, I'll work on this.

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