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Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Thu Feb 15 23:22:35 UTC 2001

The Hermit Hacker <scrappy at hub.org> writes:

> Is this something in the configuration of INN-cvs that I have to do?
> I've never set anything here that I'm aware of ;( One of our users can't
> post, with an appropriate Approve: header, to a few lists ...

You may be missing this bit from NEWS:

    * Users can no longer post articles containing Approved: headers to
      moderated groups by default; they must be specifically given that
      permission with the access: parameter in readers.conf.  See the man
      page for more details.

See readers.conf:

         A set of letters specifying the permissions granted to the client.
         The letters are chosen from the following set:

         R  The client may read articles.

         P  The client may post articles.

         A  The client may post articles with Approved: headers (in other
            words, may approve articles for moderated newsgroups).  By
            default, this is not allowed.

My fault; I didn't draw enough attention to this in the INN 2.3.0 release
because I'd forgotten that we'd made that change.

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