Suggest for a new tool: optimal cycbuff format/layout tool

bill davidsen davidsen at
Tue Feb 20 23:16:35 UTC 2001

| Here's a suggestion for any of you budding INN tool writers:
| how about putting together an optimal cycbuff formatting and
| layout tool? E.g., assume that you have half a terabyte of 
| space as N spools of X GB each, hung from Y controllers. 
| The task for this tool would be to take information about the
| available disks, information about the desired relative
| allocation of disk space to article categories, perform
| throughput analysis of the available disks, and to then
| suggest a layout (or even do the dd's to make the partitions).
| It should check for, detect and report any potential
| impediments to large file support, and it should generally
| attempt to codify/capture best known rules of thumb associated
| with laying out news spools....

  Why not start with my cycsetup perl program, which takes some info
about the layout of each metacycbuff, number and sizes, directories, and
generates the cycbuff file and a shell script which does the init. It
even has an option to initialize cycbuffs in different directories in
parallel, which assumes that they are on separate drives. This will
bring a TB EMC box to its knees!

  If any interest I'll put it up in a semi-public place, maybe it should
be in the contrib as well.

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