Considering making the code C++ portable

Steve Prior sprior at
Wed Jan 3 16:52:27 UTC 2001

I'm looking over the INN code to make some custom mods and would
happen to prefer working with a C++ compiler to do so.  The existing
code base has some relatively minor things that cause it to not compile
in C++ now, among other things private and class are used as identifiers
or macros and void*'s need to be casted to something else to be operated
on.  I'm willing to take a shot at doing this change if my changes would be
considered acceptable by the group.  Note than I am NOT saying that I'd
make the code OO, just enhancing its portability to be compiled under C++.
I'd probably start off changing "private" to "_private_" and "class" to
so that the code doesn't use C++ keywords - BTW I'm open to suggestions
if the underbars don't please people.

What I don't want to do is to work on this without a chance it will be accepted
back into the standard source, so I'm asking for opinions in advance.

Steve Prior

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