tradindexed - Interrupted system call

Bettina Fink laura at
Sat Jan 6 17:01:27 UTC 2001

Nicholas Geovanis <nickgeo at> wrote:

>> It works even very well. The only thing is that under high load (> 500
>> concurrent readers) I'm getting that "tradindexed: could not open
>> /news/overview/[...].IDX|.DAT: Interrupted system call" resulting in
>> "SERVER cant store overview for @...@" stuff now and then. System is,
>> as I said, a SUN with Solaris 8, everything below ~/spool on a NetApp
>> (NFS Filer).
> Just a thought (I don't spool articles on NFS, Gott seid dank....:-):

Pöh! ;-)

> Could this just be a symptom of "normal" NFS behavior under heavy 
> load: Lack of NFS processes relative to the queue of requests?

No. And after some more debugging and researching, I don't even
think it's a NFS problem at all.

> Assuming that the overview itself is not on NFS, perhaps system calls

The overviews are on NFS.

I have some ideas how to fix / prevent the problem, but I need some
time to properly test everything ...


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