tradindexed - Interrupted system call

Andreas M. Kirchwitz inn-workers-mlist at
Sun Jan 7 00:44:54 UTC 2001

Mirek Luc wrote:

 >>> Could this just be a symptom of "normal" NFS behavior under heavy
 >>> load: Lack of NFS processes relative to the queue of requests?
 >> No. And after some more debugging and researching, I don't even
 >> think it's a NFS problem at all.
 > You're wrong. It's the problem(?) with I/O. The Solaris operating system
 > told you that very clearly.

Where is it documented that you get EINTR only if the file is
on an NFS volume? The man page for open() simply says, that on
Solaris 2.x you can get EINTR. The man page doesn't make any
restrictions about the file system (checked on Solaris 2.6 and
Solaris 8).

	Greetings, Andreas

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