Variable support in newsfeeds

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Jan 7 13:45:49 UTC 2001

This is now in CURRENT, finally, complete with documentation in the man

Sven Paulus <sven at> writes:

> I have a patch for adding support for variables to the newsfeeds file.
> Basically you can say

> $LOCALGROUPS=local.*,myisp.*,internal.*
> $,

> on top of the newsfeeds file and later


> or


> etc.

> The patch appended below. It's against 2.2.x, but also works with 2.3,
> since this part of INN hasn't changed in the meantime. The only
> difference is, that "#define VARIABLE_CHAR '$'" has to be added to
> include/acconfig.h instead of include/configdata.h.

> If no variables are defined nothing changes (the variable expanding code
> isn't even called).

> The syslog-lines can be removed, they're only left over from debugging.

> I'd consider the patch itself as stable, no memory leaking is
> introduced.  I'm running it on two production servers. The only thing
> that's missing is an addition for the man page - my English is to bad to
> find the right words for this :)

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