tradindexed - Interrupted system call

Mirek Luc mirecki at
Mon Jan 8 14:17:42 UTC 2001

On 6 Jan 2001, Bettina Fink wrote:

> Mirek Luc <mirecki at> wrote:

> >> No. And after some more debugging and researching, I don't even
> >> think it's a NFS problem at all.
> > You're wrong.
> That has to be proven. :-) See below ...
See <Pine.GSO.4.30.0101021209030.18576-100000 at boromir>.

> yesterday spoken with someone who saw the same problems and errors on a
> non-NFS (!) box and did (successfully) fix it with wrappers. But we also
The open() system call can be interrupted by _any_ signal and then it
returns with errno==EINTR. NFS or non-NFS environment... It doesn't
matter. All of the I/O system functions take a "long" time so they are
interruptibl by signals.


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