tradindexed - Interrupted system call

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Jan 9 00:49:36 UTC 2001

Andreas M Kirchwitz <inn-workers-mlist at> writes:

> However, you already wrote something similar today to Russ Allbery.
> While Russ trusts Stevens, that open() should not be interrupted, you
> (and me) say, that EINTR is documented in the man page and must be
> checked.

> I guess, the question now is: Who is authoritative? Stevens or the man
> pages (shipped with Solaris, and available on

Oh, I'm not saying "don't check it."  I'm saying that I'm really annoyed
at Sun for making yet another stupid implementation decision and Linux is
looking more and more attractive, that's all.  This one isn't as bad as
gratuitously returning EAGAIN from sockets that have selected as ready to
read, but it's another operating system bug of the same type.

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