SERVER throttle File exists writing SMstore file -- throttling

Karl Kleinpaste karl at
Thu Jan 11 13:48:13 UTC 2001

"Aleksandr V. Dyomin" <fly at> writes:
> I mean this happen after computer power off without shutdown system(my
> UPS is not stable). But how fix this without deleting spool(this help)?
> Can innd do it(fix) automaticaly?

At a guess, you're running with tradspool.  Due to unclean shutdown,
overview is substantially out of date with respect to spool content
and active file.  Renumbering on startup has done its best effort by
finding overview stuff, which lags active and spool content, and
renumbered active on that basis...which is just plain wrong.

This is a script I call fix-active (I don't speak perl much):

cd /home/news/spool/articles
while read gr hi lo md
    d="`echo $gr | tr . /`"
    hi="`echo $hi | sed -e 's/^00*//'`"
    lo="`echo $lo | sed -e 's/^00*//'`"
    if [ "$hi" = '' ] ; then
    if [ $hi -eq 0 -a $lo -eq 1 ] ; then
        last="`ls -1 $d 2>/dev/null | sort -n | grep '^[1-9][0-9]*$' | tail -1`"
	if [ "$last" = '' ] ; then
    printf "%s %010d %010d %s\n" $gr $last $lo $md

Run it with current active file on stdin and stdout sent somewhere
useful.  When done, move stdout file back to active.  Remember to
check permissions and ownership before kicking innd to life.


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