Migrating newsgroups.

Dave Tormey dave.tormey at s3group.com
Thu Jan 11 13:59:58 UTC 2001

  Need some help on this :

I am replacing a news server innd-2.3 on Linux with
a Solaris machine. There are no usenet feeds.

On the Linux box I have a newsgroup  e.g. old.format.test
and a corresponding newsgroup on Solaris. Articles posted
on the Linux box are be forwarded to the news Solaris box
so that both servers have exactly the same groups/news mesg.s

What I *want* to do  :

o- re-structure the newsgroups on the Solaris box (
     how do I re-name a newsgroup ??)
o- have articles posted to : e.g.
                old.format.test   on the Linux box ...
sent to    new.format.test on the Solaris box

Any ideas ?

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