innpeer-stats [was: Re: innd logging conventions]

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Jan 16 14:44:32 UTC 2001

Fabien Tassin <fta at> writes:

> I've also written one tool (in C this time) to analyze trafic with peers
> because innreport is not good at this job (probably my fault).
> I've just made it available there :

Oh, this is *very* nice.  I like this a lot.  This would be very cool to
incorporate into INN's normal log processing eventually if you'd like.

> If you try it, you will see that incoming data are underestimated
> because of a real lack of checkpoints entries. Depending of the server
> on the other side, connections can stay alive more than a day without
> producing a single line of log :( I think INN should definitly be
> modified to avoid this. (no time yet to produce a patch).

Yup, agreed.  I'm not quite sure where to look, though.  Maybe the status
hook can be abused to do this.  (Does anyone see any reason not to just
turn the timer and status stuff on by default?)

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