innpeer-stats [was: Re: innd logging conventions]

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Jan 16 16:01:50 UTC 2001

Fabien Tassin <fta at> writes:

> no problem. I'm already doing something similar. I'm running
> innpeer-stats daily (just after news.daily) to obtain "yesterday stats"
> and I'm running it on demand (CGI) on the current news.notice file
> (giving me "today stats").

That sounds very cool.

> Concerning the integration into INN, I have no objection but I still
> have some functionnalities to add so it will need some syncs from time
> to time.

I'm not in any hurry; I can wait until the source stabilizes.  I just have
a definite interest in getting that in "someday", since it looks really
interesting and useful.

> That's how I've done it locally but Katsuhiro said he will rewrite this
> code.

Ah, okay, I must have missed that.

> Speaking of timer, I'm currently implementing a timer in innfeed because
> I think it is a real bottleneck on my server. I've written a tool called
> newshole for that purpose (I will speak of it later).


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