news.daily (expireindex?) corrupts overview data

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Jan 16 15:09:12 UTC 2001

Jacek Zapala <jacek at> writes:

> I have searched the archives of inn-workers but haven't found a
> solution. I think this problem should already be known, so please help
> me.

> Running news.daily corrupts overview data - I have correct list of
> articles, but sometimes retrieved article is not that one from the list
> - it is from a completely different group.  Getting this article by
> message-id works, but by number - doesn't (wrong article is returned).

> I have inn 2.2.3 with CNFS (netbsd 1.5), raw partitions.
> extendeddbz:            true
> articlemmap:            false
> overviewmmap:           false

> BTW, I had the same problem before with inn 2.2 with cnfs buffers in
> regular files and freebsd 3.2 - now I have raw partitions (and mmap
> disabled in inn.conf)

I don't think this message ever received a response; I'm sorry about that.
Just in case you never got a good answer to this, there were various
reports of things like this under INN 2.2 that I'm not sure were ever
completely explained.  INN 2.3 has a completely rewritten overview scheme
that seems to be less susceptible to these problems.

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