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Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Jan 16 15:21:40 UTC 2001

Sorry about the long delay in responding to this message; I had it sitting
in my inbox as something I wanted to comment on, but it often takes me
months to get back to e-mail if I don't deal with it right away.

B Carlson <beaker at> writes:

> I haven't seen anything, but I was wondering if anyone has done and work
> with creating a web interface for INN?  What we have are 80 high school
> networks that we support that have their own news servers running on
> each one, our main news server feeds these 80 sites.  What we would like
> to do is have something setup so the Admins from those schools can pick
> which newsgroups they wish to receive from the main news server.  It was
> suggested to me that I not have all the articles sent to the sites and
> have them filter them out in incoming.conf so I could save bandwidth.

> Any suggestions on setup ,security, and general stuff would be most
> welcome.

There have been various things that people have written at various points
to do this, but I've not seen a standardized package.  The most common is
GUP, which is on in /isc/inn/unoff-contrib (where a lot of
interesting things are that I need to sort through for inclusion in INN at
some point).  I think it uses an e-mail interface rather than a web-based
one, though, and no one has worked on it for some time.

I get the impression that Cyclone has something like this, or at least
several of my Cyclone peers have this capability.

I'd really like to see something like this for INN, and have something
related sitting in my inbox right now, but I haven't had a chance to look
at it yet.

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