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Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Jan 22 02:18:03 UTC 2001

David Sargeant <david_sargeant at hplx.net> writes:

> The news server that I run (news.hplx.net, using INN 2.3.0) has mostly
> local groups on it, but there are a couple of Usenet groups that I want
> to mirror so I can access them on my server.  With INN 2.2, I was doing
> this (while actived and innd were running) by running tin -S to download
> unread articles in those groups from my ISP's news server and store them
> in the INN spool/articles directory, after which I would run ctlinnd
> renumber <group> for each group.  This method worked quite well for INN
> 2.2, but now, in INN 2.3, it doesn't work at all anymore.  I can get it
> to work more or less by running makehistory -O instead of renumbering
> the group, but that takes 15 minutes at a time on my machine even with
> the -x option.  Is there any way to do what I want to do WITHOUT using
> tin to download articles -- to have INN directly download the articles,
> say, but without paying for a news feed?

If you haven't previously gotten an answer to this question, try using
nntpget or contrib/backupfeed, or you can install a package like suck or
newsx that's designed to handle this sort of thing.  With the storage API
in INN 2.3, you can't just add articles to the spool and do a renumber;
you have to feed the articles to INN via IHAVE or the like.

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