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>> Is there a description of the MODE CANCEL stuff somewhere?
>Nothing more than the description of the original patch:
>< Description: This patch adds a new NNTP commmand "MODE CANCEL". That
>< command can only be used from the local Unix domain socket. It answers
>< 284. Every following command line should consist of a single
>< Message-ID. The message gets cancelled, and the server replies 289 for
>< success and 484 for failure. (Failure can occur e.g. when the server
>< is paused.)
>There are only two important points: use the AF_UNIX socket, and the
>284 reply code. You can ignore the other replies or use them for
>statistics, they are not relevant to the operation (in particular, you
>don't have to wait for them).

1. Can you keep this socket open as long as you want?
2. Is there a 'quit' command, or do you just close() the socket when done?
3. Before closing it, do you need to wait for all replies, or
   can you just close it even with unread replies? If there's
   a quit command, do you need to wait for a reply? What reply ?


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