Radius Help Anyone ?

John Newman jnn at jump.net
Tue Jan 23 21:44:42 UTC 2001

The "auth" key, inside of the auth stanza that you want accessed
via radius, needs to be set to "radius".  This will make inn spawn
the /news/bin/auth/passwd/radius.... radius.conf needs to be setup
with the info for your radius server.  

On my setup the radius program, with inn 2.3.0, would not properly
find its config file and segfaulted.  I hard-coded the config file
path into the source and it started working.


In our previous exciting episode Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 08:41:12PM -0500, Daniel G. Thompson said:
> I am new to the group and have not had much time to lurk here first but
> here goes.
> I have two large news servers that currently are using ip-address/domain
> authentication for access rights. I am trying my best to make the news
> servers
> do Radius auth as well ( this will make life much easier ). I am quite
> experienced
> with Radius for use with remote access services so mostly I need to find
> some
> documentation about how to use it with INN.
> I have searched a number of sites and as of yet have found mostly vague
> references but nothing of a whole lot of value.
> I have the sample config files as well as the binary that was included with
> INN-2.3.0.
> I would be very pleased if someone could point me to some documentation,
> new binaries or even newer source so that I can get radius to work with
> news.
> Thank You
> Dan Thompson
> dan at waycom.com

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