reformatting controlchan

Proprietary Meowbot supersede at
Wed Jan 24 03:32:20 UTC 2001

> I'd like to hack on controlchan (adding hooks, better PGP integration,
> etc) but I think it's quite hard to read in its current form.
> Would anybody object to a reformatted and cleaned up (use strict, -w,
> perlstyle(1) indenting) version of it?

Please do.  The company for which I was doing a rewrite was bought
out, the new owners don't do INN, the spare time I'd hoped to use to
finish it hasn't been there, the new regime says those sources fall
under the noncompete agreement even though they've no intention of
using them, and even if starting over I'd have to hold onto 'em for
another 17 months.  I do, on the other hand, get to play with demented
pneumatic robots for a while, so all in all life must be pretty good.

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