reformatting controlchan

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Wed Jan 24 16:07:49 UTC 2001

On Jan 24, Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:

 >I almost did that myself the other day; I don't see any reason at all to
 >object.  Please, feel free.  We should probably use roughly the same
I finished the grunt work of reformatting the source code and now I'm
checking I did not broke anything and doing general optimization.
I also plan to rewrite docheckgroups in perl.
I wrote a "gpgverify" program and I'm going to post it soon.

Can I remove from controlchan support for these things?

- perl < 5.00403 (5.004 was required anyway)
- not using syslog
- INN::Syslog (is it still needed?)
- fallback to shell script modules
- ugly code like:
                        open(TEMPFILE, $tempfile) or die;
                        open(NEWSGROUPS, ">$inn::newsgroups") or die;
                        print NEWSGROUPS $_ while <TEMPFILE>;
                        close TEMPFILE;
                        close NEWSGROUPS;
  (it does not change the permissions of newsgroups, but is this a side
   effect or a feature to be preserved?)

I already removed support for Also-Control headers and "Subject: cmsg..."

How should I deal with errors? The success of *MANY* system calls is not

(BTW, does anybody know a way to use soft references like $a='string'; &$a
without using "no strict"?)


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