Help! 2.1 -> 2.3.1 gone wrong; broken overview files?

Dickon Hood dickon.hood at
Wed Jan 24 17:55:17 UTC 2001

I've upgraded from 2.1 to 2.3.1 (as grabbed from the FTP site this
morning).  After I got it compiled (/usr/local/bin.sun4/egrep doesn't seem
to work properly; took me *ages* to track it down...), and installed,
everything seems fine, with the exception that I can't seem to do anything
to any groups.

All my old groups have (valid) entries in the active file (copied from the
previous installation), but 'group <group>' returns 0, 0, 0 for the
article counts / watermarks.

I've tried running expireover -s, but that does nothing.  scanspool
says nothing.

I have the following in storage.conf (which I hope means to put everythign
in the traditional spool format):

method tradspool {
        class: 1
        newsgroups: *

I'm somewhat stumped.  Can anyone help me, please?

Dickon Hood

BBC Internet Services,
Kingswood Warren.
(+44 1737 8)39754.  Mail me.  Don't phone if possible.  Ta.
And use a Subject line.  They're there for a reason.

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