ninpaths patch

Fabien Tassin fta at
Mon Jan 29 01:51:44 UTC 2001

According to Olaf Titz:
> > - update the README to s/-p-d/-p -d/ and do not depend upon ME prefs
> When I wrote the first version of that example, depending on ME was
> intentional.

I'm always using !* in ME to avoid leaks (especially on servers where I'm
not alone to touch the conf).

> My (perhaps) flawed idea was to count only those articles which
> were in the default distribution pattern and ignore additional (local)
> hierarchies which could distort the statistics, and completely ignore any
> stuff which is site-internal and not part of Usenet traffic proper.
> (E.g. junk and to.* stuff)

on transit servers, junk can be as valid as anything else. I don't think
to.* will change the face of the Top ;)
Concerning local groups, it's one of the reasons I'm not depending upon ME.

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