expireover: OVctl(OVSTATALL) failed after upgrading to INN-2.3.1 from 2.3.0

"Anders K. Pedersen" mailnews-news-inn-workers at akp.dk
Sat Jan 27 18:57:57 UTC 2001


After upgrading our newsserver from INN-2.3.0 to INN-2.3.1 with "make
update" after configuring and compiling it with the same options as
2.3.0, expireover fails, when "news.daily expireover lowmark" is run,
with the following error:

expireover: OVctl(OVSTATALL) failed

This also happens, when I try to run expireover manually with the

expireover -z/var/log/news/expire.rm -Z/var/log/news/expire.lowmark

I also tried adding "-s" to this command, with the same result.

After going back to INN-2.3.0 expireover runs without any problems.

We're using the buffindexed overview method, and cnfs for all article

Have I missed something, or is there something wrong with expireover in

Anders K. Pedersen
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