INN not keeping up with incoming news

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Tue Jan 30 04:33:35 UTC 2001

As much as I like INN, I'm about to stop fighting and go to something
else. I am tired of trying to get 200-250GB/day into a machine using INN
when Diablo or Cyclone will do it easily on the same hardware.

For political reasons I'm using Linux, and I have doubled the CPU speed,
increased the disk speed, upped the memory to 2GB, tuned hell out of the
tcp stack, and I still get a flow of error messages indicating that INN
isn;t reading the data as fast as it comes in.

If there's some hope that a new version will add multi-threading in the
near future I'll try to keep on with tuning, but unless I see some
indication that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I have to do
something other than work 4-6 hours a day every day catching up feeds. And
given that other software seems to work, I can't blame Linux, or Intel
CPUs, or network performance, or anything else.

I have made everything in these systems twice a big or fast as the last
ones, and gotten about 10% increase in results. The article write time
remains 7-8 times longer than time to write the article with any other
software. I don't need a few more percent, I need double, which is what
Diablo and Cyclone do in catchup mode.

Any thoughts, tips, or bits of hope for multithreading would be

bill davidsen <davidsen at>
  late at night on a slow dial-up connection.

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