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Tue Jan 30 13:23:26 UTC 2001

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>:: For political reasons I'm using Linux, and I have doubled the CPU speed,
>Would these be similar to the political reasons that have required
>the use of Slowaris here, although I had to retire much beefier
>hardware that couldn't keep up at all running Slowaris?  I loathe
>being limited by political decisions.  I've cycled through several
>OSen in the past, finding strengths and weaknesses of all, and also
>using that knowledge to help with the other OSen, but for someone
>to tell me that I'm not permitted to use today's choice of OS that
>has 50% headroom with a full feed at 1/10 the cost of hardware that
>couldn't keep up, well, I don't geddit.  I mean, if I could get the
>performance from the approved and required combination of hardware,
>OS, and out-of-the-box software, fine, but if I can't, isn't it
>more important to do whatever it takes to get the job done?  Or am
>I missing something?  Or am I ranting in the wrong place?  Hmmm...

  The reasons are that we have people trained in Linux and AIX, and
proposing any other solution include a lot of training time and me
covering as 2nd line of defense. In addition, IBM seems headed for Linux
on all hardware, it's been working flawlessly in terms of the O/S, and I
see no joy in fighting a battle I don't really want to win.

  With INN I see a backlog on the NIC which seems to be caused by data
not being read as fast as they come in, and slow article/history writes.
The multi-threaded news software keeps up. I have a hard time blaming
this on hardware, because making the hardware faster didn't change the

  I have to go look at the code yet again. The article and history write
are many times longer than the time to write data to the disk, and
something has got to be causing this. If other software didn't work fine
I'd say hardware or o/s, but I have a hard time with that in this case.

  Thanks for all the feedback, I'll try to hang on until the new patches
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