Upstream News feed

Kane Tao khtao at
Wed Jul 11 02:15:26 UTC 2001

Hi all,
I have a problem which I am hoping someone more experienced than I might
have a solution for.  I just set up a INN server on BSD and am looking
to operate it with the intent of downloading some of the busier
newsgroups over time so it doesn't all have to come down as one big
feed.  However my ISP is not running an upstream news server because
Sprintlink provides only a NNTP push feed that feeds them all the
newsgroups (the ISP doesn't want many of them, not to mention the issue
of bandwidth usage etc). Because of this I don't have a source for an
upstream feed.

What I was wondering is if there are any other major servers out there
that will provide a feed for free?   Or is there another solution I am
over looking?

FYI my connection to the internet is a 384kbps/384kbps DSL line.

Thanks for any info you might have...

- Kane

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