Innfeed questions

Lisa Ungar lungar at
Wed Jul 11 20:00:46 UTC 2001

No, I haven't tried -o xi option yet, but I will try it.

With -o x option, the newsgroup is created on the slave because I see it in
the active file and I can access the newsgroup to post  articles to the
master.  The article reaches the master, so I know that the newsgroup is

I did do a ctlinnd newgroup command on both the master and the slave, which
did not resolve the problem either

The problem appears that innfeed on the master does not seem to see that
there is  new group to feed, until after a particular stream closes from
the master and reopens again on the slave (I see this in the news.notice
file on the slave machine)

I am wondering if it has to with innfeed program on the master?



"Forrest J Cavalier III" <forrest at> on 07/11/2001 03:32:36

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To:   "Lisa Ungar" <lungar at>
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Subject:  Re: Innfeed questions

> I am actually using the following options, which does ctlinnd newgroup
> command
> actsync -o x -p -0  slave  master

That is what I wanted to know.  That should work.

Have you ever tried it as -o xi instead of -o x (to see that the
newsgroup you expect is really making it?)

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