INN won't start

Kelly F. Hickel kfh at
Thu Jul 12 18:07:16 UTC 2001

Nope, I didn't mangle it, that's how it appears in the file.
I've tried starting it using inndstart (which IS suid) and by running innd
directly.  I've also run inncheck, with no errors.
I'll scan the active file and see what I can find.

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At 10:14 AM 7/12/01 -0500, Kelly F. Hickel wrote:

>I made a small change to newsfeeds, and now innd won't start (even after I
>undid the change).
>news.crit output follows:
>Jul 12 10:10:42 reddwarf innd: SERVER cant bind RCreader Permission denied
>Jul 12 10:11:48 reddwarf innd: SERVER bad_active ...
>Jul 12 10:12:42 reddwarf innd: SERVER bad_active ...

It's your active file.  That's why it's saying "bad_active".  The rest of
the line, where you
substituted the "..." would actually explain *what* was bad about the active
file.  Presumably
you, or something, mangled it somehow.

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