tradspool and ctlinnd newgroup

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Fri Jul 13 03:22:56 UTC 2001

Lisa Ungar reported an innfeed problem to this list
recently.  Off list, I provided some suggestions and
she reported results.  After several rounds, it looks like
a bug I don't remember having been discussed on the list.  

tradspool uses an index of the active file which
is updated when necessary.  The compiled-in
constant sets a check for that update upon
article operations every 10 minutes, and only
when tradspool is started in READ/WRITE mode.

tradspool needs this index in order to retrieve
articles.  When a ctlinnd newgroup happens, articles
can be stored, but tradspool runnning in innfeed
will fail to retrieve them until the index is updated.

(There is a comment inside the tradspool code
about this problem, but should probably be
mentioned in the disadvantages in INSTALL.)

The workaround Lisa Ungar decided to go with was
ctlinnd xexec after doing the ctlinnd newgroup.

I don't have a good suggestion for fixing the
problem, but there is a bug which should be fixed:

tradspool retrieve running in innfeed is returning in
this case without setting an error string.  The log message
comes out like:

Jul 11 16:53:31 w3pilot1 innfeed[24470]: Could not retrieve
@050100000104000000010000000000000000@: (null)

(But I expect with other versions of libc, that would
cause a SEGV.)

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