INN won't start

Katsuhiro Kondou Katsuhiro_Kondou at
Fri Jul 13 17:38:27 UTC 2001

In article <E1B42CFD544FD31193EE0000E87C5CE7903395 at>,
	"Kelly F. Hickel" <kfh at> wrote;

} If you try to add a top level group (no '.'s) then things go a bit berserk,
} innd dies, and someone writes a record full of nulls to your active file.
} This is somewhat less than desirable...

Looks like mmap'ping active problem for certain unix box.
I've heard it's FreeBSD.  If this is your case, commenting
'#define HAVE_MMAP' line in include/config.h might help.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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