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Alex Kiernan alexk at demon.net
Mon Jul 16 10:09:21 UTC 2001

Katsuhiro Kondou <Katsuhiro_Kondou at isc.org> writes:

> In article <72d7751djj.fsf at nd1.eng.demon.net>,
> 	Alex Kiernan <alexk at demon.net> wrote;
> } BTW can someone who understands the off_t size issue with tagged hash
> } explain it to me - would `#undef'ing the appropriate symbols before
> } compiling just the tagged hash files do the right thing?
> I don't think it's needed.  Rather, tagged hash should
> not be available when --enable-largefiles is specified.

I wanted to always build a separate tagged hash implementation, but
I'd like it to be usable with large files enabled, unless there's good
technical reasons why not (which doesn't really appear to be the case

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