makedbz slow even with -s30000000

Thu Jul 19 01:05:35 UTC 2001

I am noticing slowness doing a makedbz with
inn-CURRENT-20010718 even after specifying -s30000000 to 
insure that the size of the database files is appropriately
large. [By slow, I mean that the makedbz has been running 
for roughly eight hours now...]

I'd reported slowness of this sort earlier and folks on 
the list suggested "hey, try makedbz with -s set to an
appropriate number of entries" but even with -s30000000
things seem to be kind of lagging... [I notice that makedbz
is reporting some duplicate history entries, which is
interesting, but probably not neccessary nor as efficient 
as just sorting and silently whacking any duplicates which 
may exist]

Interestingly/peculiarly, if I try makedbz -s 30000000
(e.g., just add a space between the -s and the numeric argument),
the command stops running almost immediately, reporting
simply "Terminated" with no further diagnostic and a zero
length history.n.hash and history.n.index (history.n.dir

dbz 6 45000000 14 66
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

So... I think that this is an indication that there are
still some issues with makedbz for large history files...

[One feature that would really be nice would be a periodic
report about how close to completion things are getting...
if, say, after eight hours, I knew I was 92% of the way 
done, I'd be far more inclined to patiently let it run than
if I was only 18% of the way down the road. (Normally I 
don't care about completion-status graphs, but when we're
talking HOURS, I *do* care...)]



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