Valid Message-Id: tagged as bad?

Christopher P. Lindsey at
Sat Jul 21 05:57:17 UTC 2001


   I setup innd tonight and started pushing some mailing lists into
   one of my test newsgroups via mailpost.

   Unfortunately, one of my messages was rejected almost immediately 
   by inews because it supposedly had an invalid Message-Id: header.
   The offending header is

      Message-ID: <3B58FA3E.1E7BFE69 at>

   It appears that the subroutine ARTidok() in innd/art.c tags
   message-ids that have a trailing '.' in the domain portion of the
   addr-spec as invalid.  

   After reading through RFC822[1] again, I get the impression that a 
   trailing '.' is fine -- it matches the dtext type, which is a valid
   portion of the domain.

   So...  Are there any strong arguments for or against a change to 
   make a trailing '.' work in the addr-spec of the Message-Id header? 
   I'm ready to send in a patch, but I thought I'd get a consensus first.




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