Valid Message-Id: tagged as bad?

Christopher P. Lindsey at
Sat Jul 21 14:29:33 UTC 2001

> >    Unfortunately, one of my messages was rejected almost immediately 
> >    by inews because it supposedly had an invalid Message-Id: header.
> >       Message-ID: <3B58FA3E.1E7BFE69 at>
> >    After reading through RFC822[1] again, I get the impression that a 
> >    trailing '.' is fine -- it matches the dtext type, which is a valid
> >    portion of the domain.
> Russ Allbery (rra at             <>

Yup, you're 100% correct.  I guess I should've called it quits when my eyes
were getting blurry a few hours before.  :)  Sorry about that.

But this bring up an interesting problem for me.  I'm setting up a system
that will allow members to communicate via Web forums, newsgroups, or 
mailing lists, but with the same content shared between them all.

That means that I don't want some messages to make it through to the mailing
list portion or Web-based portion, but not make it through to the newsgroup.

With that in mind, is there a recommended pre-processor that can be used
to wrap the mailing list/Web interface with the same types of checks?  Yes,
I can pull the code from the inn source and write a C binary to do it, but
I would actually prefer a snippet of Perl code.  Yes, I can write one myself,
but if there's one already out there...

Also, is there any problem with me replacing bad Message-Ids with a properly
generated one?  All messages will come from authenticated sources, so I'm
not concerned about spam.  I just need to make sure that anything that 
comes through from any of the three input sources gets sent to all output



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