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Tue Jun 12 14:46:42 UTC 2001

Jeffrey M Vinocur <jeff at> writes:

> inncheck doesn't know about startinnfeed at all.  This may be on purpose
> (since it'd be reasonable to eliminate the suid bit on a system that
> doesn't use innfeed, for general security thoughtfulness), but it's a
> bit frustrating to have inncheck claim that everything is fine when it's
> not.

> At least a note in the manpage?

inncheck doesn't know about a whole lot of stuff.  It really needs a
significant and major overhaul.  Patches welcome for this issue and any
others, although I'd hold off on trying to add any very complicated
configuration file verification code to it since we're going to be
changing the configuration files.

Also, if anyone feels like fiddling with startinnfeed, it would be good to
teach it about imapfeed since INSTALL claims that it knows about it
already even though it doesn't.

All your patches are in my pending queue, BTW; I'll get to them if
Katsuhiro doesn't beat me to it; it's coming up on quarter break here, so
I've been busy with work and with the configuration parser but will turn
my attention back to other INN-related stuff as soon as the beginnings of
the parser are in a state where I can check them into CVS.

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