SOLVED: Re: Possible Solaris 8/INN-2.3.2 Problem

Timothy Demarest demarest at
Wed Jun 13 01:01:22 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark G Thomas <Mark at>
>>>>> wrote the following on Mon, 11 Jun 2001 20:45:11 -0400

  Mark> Hi,

  Mark> I'm running 2.3.2 with db-3.2.9 under Solaris-8.  I had some
  Mark> initial trouble with expireover core dumping on my fresh overview
  Mark> database, however once I re-made the overview database a second
  Mark> time, I haven't had any other weirdness in the past several weeks
  Mark> since the upgrade, other than the fact that today expire seems
  Mark> still to be running after 16 hours today, when normally it's done
  Mark> in a few hours.  I did not make any attempts at enabling large file
  Mark> support

  Mark>  ./configure --prefix=/var/news --with-berkeleydb=/opt/db-3.2.9
  Mark> --with-perl --with-sendmail=/usr/lib/sendmail
  Mark> --with-tmp-path=/var/news/tmp --with-openssl=/opt/openssl-0.9.6a

Mark et al:

I've figured out the problem, or at least fixed the problem. Your remark
about not having large files enabled reminded me to check how Berkeley DB
3.2.9 was compiled. I've originally compiled BDB 3.29 on a Solaris 2.5.1
system without large file support. I've recompiled BDB 3.2.9 under Solaris
8 with large file support and installed it in a special location just for
INN as most of our Sun servers are not running Solaris 8. I also recompiled
inn-2.3.2 with large file support and linked it against the newly compiled
BDB 3.2.9. I deleted the overview database and history files, recreated
both with makehistory and makedbz, and fired up inn via Voila! No
problems, and she's running great so far.


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