Feed Problem!!!

Ryan MacDonald ryan.macdonald at clarent.com
Fri Jun 15 22:33:33 UTC 2001

I need some help guys.  This is my very first news setup...so I am 
pretty green.

I am running Red Hat 7.1 on a Athlon 1.3Ghz box.  With inn-2.3.1  
(default from Redhat install).

I am attempting to migrate our current mail from a Red Hat 7.0 box 
(inn-2.2) with no luck.  I figured if I installed the same RPM file and 
copied /etc/news, /var/lib/news, and /var/spool/news over it should work 
fine.  However this was not the case.  The system would core dump into 
the articles directory and the process would not stay running.

I decided to upgrade to the new RPM and after much mucking around I am 
finally able to get my innd process to keep running and provide news 
support.  However I found the reason I was having so many issues with it 
running appears to have to do with something my incoming feed.  Each and 
everytime I start the process the system produces a core in articles and 
nothing shows up in the logs.  I have checked every log inside 
/var/log/news and of course syslog with no clues.  The only file 
generated each time is a innfeed.status file in /var/log/news, however I 
can not see any apparent problems inside of it.  I am also not receiving 
any error mail messages to either the news user or root.

Please help!


Ryan MacDonald
Systems Administrator
Clarent Corporation
(W)    303.734.5080
(C)     303.995.5682

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