INN newbie problems

Sri Lanka Telecom deen at
Sat Jun 16 12:08:49 UTC 2001

Hello Mailing list,

I am a newbie to inn, I have just installed the inn latest version to a
Linux server. I was able to telnet to port 119. 

It appears that I do not get any articles from my feed, apart from a few
handful of alt. articles. 

Please see below, an extract from news.notice. It look like everytime 0
articles are accepted. I have tried tweaking around the
newsfeeds,inn.conf,storage.conf files, but to no avail. Also there are no
alarms in the syslog file which would indicate any problems in the config. 

Please help,


Jun 15 16:44:29 news nnrpd[5536]: group alt.alt.maxwell 0
Jun 15 16:44:29 news nnrpd[5536]: times user 0.010 system 0.080 el
apsed 616.547
Jun 15 16:46:47 news innd: checkpoint seconds 61917
accepted 2 refused 0 rejected 16398 duplicate 0 accepted size 3376 duplicate siz
e 0
Jun 15 16:47:52 news innd: checkpoint seconds 61987
accepted 0 refused 0 rejected 17200 duplicate 0 accepted size 0 duplicate size 0
Jun 15 16:48:32 news innd: checkpoint seconds 17671
accepted 1 refused 4 rejected 15999 duplicate 0 accepted size 1945 duplicate s

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