Feed Problem!!!

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at litech.org
Sat Jun 16 00:40:03 UTC 2001

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Ryan MacDonald wrote:

> 437 Unwanted newsgroup

This means you're trying to store an article for a group that is not in
your active file (or possibly incoming.conf restricts that group?).

> 436 cant store article

Hmm, II think there's usually a reason at the end of that message.

> sh-2.04$ file core
> core: ELF 32-bit LSB core file of 'innconfval' (signal 11), Intel 80386,
> version 1, from 'innconfval'

Ah ha.  I have an idea -- did you keep your inn.conf the same when you
upgraded?  If so, that's probably causing this.  Find the INSTALL file for
INN (it's on your system somewhere), which you should read in general, but
particularly the second paragraph.

> One last question...should I reboot the system?  Would this possibly
> clear any of these errors up?  I would prefer not to, as its a
> ftp/dns/ntp server as well.

Very unlikely to have any effect.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at litech.org

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