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Ryan MacDonald ryan.macdonald at clarent.com
Mon Jun 18 19:51:11 UTC 2001

Hey Everyone,

Well I managed after completely reworking my inn.conf to get articles to 
start appearing.  The system still produces a core file in the articles 
directory (still don't know why), however everything appears to be 
working correctly.  Being a total newbie however, I am really not sure 
how I can test this.  On the client end I am able to subscribe to groups 
and view the messages inside.  However I am not sure how I should go 
about testing outgoing news.  I subscribed as a test to 
"comp.sys.sun.hardware", after going through a few messages I found a 
couple I could answer.  I went ahead a replied to them and it appeared 
to work correctly.  I get this in my "news" log:

[root@<systemname> news]# tail -f news |grep news-in
Jun 18 13:41:33.447 + not-for-mail <3B2E58C8.5030408 at peakss.com> 884 
Jun 18 13:42:15.486 + not-for-mail <3B2E58F2.8010207 at peakss.com> 12466 

Now, if I "cd" into /var/spool/news/articles/comp/sys/sun/hardware I am 
able to see my message that I replied to.  However my newreader 
(Netscape in this case) does not recognize that there is a new message.  
How long should this take?  Or is there a place on the web that I can 
look to see if my message has been propegated?  Does this take a long 
time to occur?

Thanks again,


Ryan MacDonald
Systems Administrator
Clarent Corporation
(W)    303.734.5080
(C)     303.995.5682

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