More Testing Ques

Ryan MacDonald ryan.macdonald at
Mon Jun 18 21:34:06 UTC 2001


I have been playing with sending / receiving messages.  I stumbled 
across the misc.test newsgroup and have been trying to test using it.  
I've noticed one more strange thing that hopefully you guys can help me on.

My client (Netscape) seems to only see messages as new as the subscribe 
time.  What I mean by this is that if I subscribe to misc.test I see say 
32 message headers (I'm assuming so little because these are the only 
new ones...please correct me if I am having a problem).  If a new 
message appears into misc.test (which I can see on the server in 
/var/spool/news/articles/misc/test/) the client never sees this 
message.  Not matter how many times I tell it to check for messages the 
client never gets the refresh.  However if I unsubscribe then 
re-subscribe again, the client sees all the messages, including the new 

I haven't tried other clients, however I know for SURE that with our old 
server that it worked correctly.  I could send/recieve and it would get 
all new messages in the process.  I must be missing something 
somewhere.  Maybe this sheds some light on why I keep getting a core 
file into articles on startup???

Thanks again,

Ryan MacDonald
Systems Administrator
Clarent Corporation
(W)    303.734.5080
(C)     303.995.5682

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