Idea for variation over tradspool

Preben Guldberg c928400 at
Thu Jun 21 08:42:08 UTC 2001

Not sure if this approach to improving tradspool has surfaced before.

Quoting storage/tradspool/README.tradspool:

> Currently the storage manager code works, although not perhaps as fast 
> as it could.   The expiration code is somewhat unwieldy; since the storage
> token does not have enough space to hold all the newsgroups an article 
> is posted to, when expiration is done SMCancel() has to open the article
> to find out what other newsgroups the article is posted to.  Eurggh. 
> Suggestions for a better scheme are welcome. 

Concidering that the article number is stored as an unsigned long, I
reckon that stealing a couple of bits to shift in extra information is
feasible. For information on whether an article is crossposted and/or
has an Expires: header, two bits are necessary.

For the stored article on disk, I decided to add an extension - an octal
number reflecting the bits stored in the token above. This way, by inspecting
the article name, it should be evident whether an article is crossposted or
have an Expires: header. This should generally reduce the number of times
actual opening of an article is required.

While coding, I split functions common to tradspool and tradext (traditional
spool with extensions/extended tradspool) from tradspool.c into trad.h
(residing in the tradspool directory), similar to the approach with timecaf.

If anyone is interested, where should I send the files? Since it is
>20K in a patch and two tarballs, I didn't feel comfortable just
>sending it to the list.

Btw, changes are against a inn-CURRENT-20010615, but there seem to be
no changes  in any of the files as of inn-CURRENT-20010620?

I doubt one can mix tradspool and tradext in this current implementation.

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