Problem with new articles not being visible to newsreaders

Michael Coxe mc at
Fri Jun 22 01:33:04 UTC 2001

Hi, I have new problem where articles arrive, but cannot be
seen the newsreaders. 

Most are mailing-list archives injected into news via a
mail2news script (which run rnews). The articles are created,
they get logged into the overview db for the specific newsgroup,
and the active file is properly updated. So on the surface 
everything looks hunky-dory. I tried rebuilding both the 
history/overview db's and the overview db by itself, which 
makes the stuff which arrived since the previous rebuild appear,
but nothing subsequent.

Specifics: inn-2.3.1 tradspool, base system Solaris 2.7.
This is an internal server for mailing-list archiving, mostly.

What am I overlooking? 

I looked through the Managing USENET book but not much detail
on how newreaders interact with overview. I also looked at the 
INN Architecture Guide, but details still scant.


 - michael coxe, Loudcloud, Inc

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