db->put: Invalid argument?

jarrell at solaris.cc.vt.edu jarrell at solaris.cc.vt.edu
Tue Jun 26 18:10:43 UTC 2001

Ok, I just had my 2.3.2 system, which has been running fine for about
a week, shudder to a halt.  innd is wedged up tight.  It appears to
have died right about the time this appeared in news.err:

Jun 26 12:03:43 solaris innd: [ID 200958 news.error] OVDB: add: db->put: Invalid argument
Jun 26 12:03:43 solaris innd: [ID 508530 news.error] SERVER cant store overview for @030464342D332D36000002E4CC9200000003@

That article is <3b42af14.4696840 at news.soneraplaza.nl>.  It's a simple
binary posting - header below.  About 90K.  I don't much care if news
throws the article away, but I'd rather it not cripple itself in the
process.  So what would cause that error?  I've been storing things
just fine up till now.

My ovdb.conf is using defaults, except cachesize, which is 32K.

Path: solaris.cc.vt.edu!news.vt.edu!router1.news.adelphia.net!newsfeed2.skycache.com!Cidera!newsfeed1.cidera.com!portc01.blue.aol.com!fr.clara.net!heighliner.fr.clara.net!newsfeed.wirehub.nl!cleanfeed.casema.net!leda.casema.net!news-feed.nld.sonera.net!news.soneraplaza.nl!not-for-mail
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