Help with INN 2.3.2!

anuska anuska at
Thu Jun 28 18:59:29 UTC 2001

I would like to know some things about the configuration files in INN2.3.2 and some
general things. 

Could anybody tell me if I need to uncomment innfeed funnel
master in newsfeeds in order innd run?

I want my news server to use a batch to send local news to its peer, then
could I comment innfeed funnel?

Now, my newsfeeds file is:

# innfeed funnel master.
# News overview.

Could anybody tell me if it is right?

I would like to know how INN knows in which cyclic buffer offset
is each article stored, I think innd write this information in overview
files  *.IDX, am I wrong? 

Could anybody explain this or tell me a web or book
where I could read about it??



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